This weeks DIY project is photo staining. This can be used for anything, and on anything. I have seen this project used for making coasters, hangable pictures, tables, etc. This project takes a picture and puts it on anything for a fun look! The supplies needed will vary on what the DIYer wants. This project is for small pictures to hang on the wall.



-4×4 blocks of wood


-fabric glue

-instagram cropped photos

-mod podge



This project is extremely easy if 4×4 blocks are being used, because the Instagram cropped photos fit perfectly.

The first thing is to Mod Podge the wood. I have mentioned this product in earlier projects. It can be used for lots of DIY projects, so it will be worth buying in the end. This can be picked up at any craft store for about $5-$9.

 After the Mod Podge has been spread on the wood, place the photograph immediately. Then, cover the picture with another coat of Mod Podge. These coatings down need to be thick, as long as it covers the whole picture. This product is white, but it will dry clear!

After waiting a day for this to dry, the project is completely over! This so easy, and gives a nice look to any room of the house!