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This week’s product is: Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

Bubble bars make taking a bath 10x more fun. Lush has the best bubble bars. The bubbles are HUGE and super thick. Anyone will become a child again as soon as they use a bubble bar. It becomes impossible to not sculpt and play with the mass amount of bubbles.

Lush has numerous scents and shapes of bubble bars. All of the bubble bars do the same thing. The Pop in the Bath is a round bar with a flower on top. The color of this bar changes often. The colors range from white, blue, and pink. It smells amazing. It is a light scent with hints of citrus. The bar is infused with lemon oil and mandarin oil. It is a very refreshing scent. The scent is not too overpowering so it is able to be used with other bath products without a clash of scents.

Lush is known for their homemade bath products. What most people, such as myself, do not exactly know how to use these products. Bubble bars are a product to know how to use before following in the same steps as I did.

Bubble Bars cannot be reused. It is not possible to run the bar under the faucet, create a few bubbles, then put it back into a plastic bag for it to solidify again. If someone would want to have multiple uses out of a bubble bar, which it is big enough to do so, then the best option would be to cut it up. Cutting up the bar will make the bar last longer. This allows the bar to crumble under the faucet and to have multiple uses out of the bar. Using this method also helps to stretch the use of the bar resulting in saving money.

Pop in the Bath bubble bar is perfect for anyone who loves baths. For this 3.5oz bar, it costs $7.25. If intrested in this exact bar, other bars, or anything else from Lush check out their website . For the direct webpage to the Pop in the Bath go to,en_US,pd.html .