Athlete of the week

Athlete of the week

Preston Mitchel was asked several questions about his first year on the track team. The season just started, and he is ready to have a good season.

What sports do you play?

A: ” I run track and field. I am in throwing and long jump,” Mitchel said.

Who is your favorite athlete?

” Tim Tebow. He’s my favorite athlete because he has a good attitude and is determined to move forward,” Mitchel said

What is the most inspirational advice you were given before?

A: ” The sky is the limit. It encourages me to know that there are no limits to anything that I do,” Mitchel said.

What are some things you like to do outside of track?

A: ” I like to hang out with my friends and family because we always have a good time and I like to paly basketball in my driveway,” Mitchel said.

What is your favorite warm-up drill?

A: ” I like the two laps at the beginning of practice,” Mitchel said.