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in courtesy of Josh WK

in courtesy of Josh WK

Portal is a puzzle adventure, where players start off waking up in a room with music playing.  A robot wakes the player up over a loudspeaker, and they start testing.  The player has to go through chambers solving puzzles with a portal gun, which on select surfaces, allows the player to go through one portal and out the other.  The goal is to get to the end of the puzzle and go on to the next.  After 20 chambers the robot that wakes the player up and tries to kill him/her in an incinerator.  The rest of the game is the player trying to escape.  This game is a fun fast paced game, that requires the player to think cleverly and try to solve a problem.

This game is very fast paced.  For certain chambers or problems the player has to think quickly and has to be able to react in a split second.  It could be anything from grabbing a cube before it drops in lava to portaling away to a safer place.

Another addition to the game is the dialogue.  The dialogue can be very funny.  For example the robot over the loudspeaker tries to mess players up by trying to make them think they’re wrong.  In one part of the escape she comes on and says that the player went the wrong way.  She will also try to bribe player to come back with cake and also kill them.

There were some things that made the game play a little less enjoyable.  First off, the game starts randomly and the player knows nothing about themselves other than the player is a girl.  It doesn’t seem to have a good story line that keeps the player playing.  It makes the player think “Why am I here,” Where am I” and “How did I get here.”  These questions never seem to be answered.

Overall this game gets a 3 out of 5 stars. The game has a lot of unanswered question, but I still loved the puzzle aspect of the game and thought it was definitely worth the money and time!

Sorry for the confusion last week, but in this blog I will explain the giveaway.  Below I need you to comment ps3 xbox or pc.  I will use a random number generator when there are enough comments.  Whoever’s comment is the number, for example the first comment would be 1, wins there selected console so good luck and tell your friends,  I will start the raffle as soon as I see at least 20 comments.

in courtesy of Josh WK