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Ever have a waterproof eyeliner on and it just won’t seem to wash off? Estee Lauder has the solution for you. Estee Lauder has a product that has been around for many years. The Gentle Eye Makeup Remover can attack any hard to wash off eye makeup with ease.

This eye makeup remover is like no other. It is a non oil remover. When you have finished cleaning off all of the eye products, it will not leave a nasty oily feeling like many removers do. It is extremely gentle on the eyes. There is a disclaimer. The name does say gentle as in gentle around the eyes, not it is gentle on eyeballs.

If the product happens to come in contact with an eyeball, it will burn. It is not an extreme burn, but is definitely not comfortable. When applying use some type of cotton. That could be cotton pads which work easily with removing eye makeup, cotton swabs which are great for quick touch up, or cotton balls which are convenient. When applying make sure the cotton is not soaking wet, that way it does not run into the eyeball itself.

This is the fastest eye makeup remover ever. It breaks down other products super fast. Anyone can use this as a daily remover. No product is any match for this remover. No matter the skin type it will not cause a break out if used everyday. Any skin type works well with the remover because it is oil free. With one swipe, all of the eye makeup will be gone.

This Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is great, except for it’s price. Along with every Estee Lauder product, it is a decent amount of money. For a 3.4 FL. OZ. it is $20.00 . Yes, it is a lot to ask for for a makeup remover. If you are in need of some convincing head to their website and read the reviews. The website provides categories to match you with reviewers with similar traits, so you can see exactly what you’re getting into.