Athlete of the week

Ninth grader Karlee Noel

Ninth grader Karlee Noel

Ninth grader Karlee Noel was asked several questions about her track and cross country seasons.

Q: Whats sports do you play?

A: ” Track and Cross Country,” Noel said.

Q:  What is your favorite thing about track?

A: ” My favorite thing about track is being able to spend time with my friends and encourage everyone to get better times or distances. I like to see myself improve, and I enjoy helping my team with victories,” Noel said.

Q: Are you striving to succeed or avoid failure?

A: ” I strive to achieve success in the the things I do so I can be a better person and role model for others,” Noel said.

Q: Are sports a good preparation for life?

A: ” Sports are a great preparation for life. They help you learn responsibility and teamwork, which are qualities you need need for the rest of your life,” Noel said.

Q: Why is it good and bad to have rivals?

A: ” It’s good to have rivals so you can strive to be just as good as them and have a goal to reach for yourself. It is bad to have rivals because regardless of who you are playing, you should always be kind to and have good sportsmanship,” Noel said.

Q: What are your plans after high school and what is your dream job?

A: ” My plans after high school are to go to college. I want to be successful and have a nice family. I want to be a physical therapist,” Noel said.

Q: What is currently your favorite TV show?

A: ” My favorite TV show is Keeping up with the Kardashians because who doesn’t love to stare at Chris Disick,” Noel said.