Hush Hush Saga makes great read



The Hush Hush Saga is a set of four books called Hush Hush,  Crescendo, Silences and Finale.

The plot involves a girl named Nora and a guy/fallen angel named Patch.  The books take the reader through the journey of Patch and Nora’s love story and how they go through life figuring out all the secrets people have been holding from them.

In the  beginning Patch is just Nora’s lab partner, but Nora finds an interest in him. Nora finds out that Patch is not the guy she expects.  He was sent to kill her in the beginning, but he ends up falling in love with her. He then becomes her guardian angel.  Nora and Patch find out a lot about Nora’s past and what she really is.  They also find out that Nora grew up all her life not knowing who her real father is.  Throughout the book she finds out that she’s not really human and all the things in her life she thought were true really were’t.

Throughout the whole entire series, a lot things happen to Nora causing her to charge in every way possible.  Her life flips upside down the instant she met Patch, but a lot of it is for the good but also for the bad.  Nora does also change in a physical way too.  Her life is definitely different at the end of the series then when she first started.

These books are great.  They are filled with passion and love.  Also, they have great amounts of adventure.  They are a long read, but every page is worth it.  If readers like mystery and love in a book, then this book is probably one of the best books to pick.  One of the best sagas for this year.  All the books keep the readers on their feet plus it’s not a boring read or slow.  Also the books are a  supernatural type so it’s perfect for young readers who are in to that kind of read.  The books are good for higher level readers as well. They are a well composed book, and they have a great story line that all fits together.  This book series is very good, and it has life to it.