This weekend is Mother’s Day. Most people wait until the last minute to go out and find a store bought present. This is a last minute homemade gift, something that will look like a lot of time was spent on it.


Supplies needed:


-acrylic paint

-artist canvas

-frame to match the size of the canvas

-scrapbook paper

The first step is to find a picture that would be easy to create. Using something that is easily recognizable but its outer shape will work best. Once the desired design is found, print the picture.

After the picture is printed, cut it out, so all that is left is the outline, like a stencil. Now, grab the scrapbook paper and trace the picture that was just cut out. The scrapbook paper should now contain just the stencil in the middle of the paper. Inside of the stencil should now be cut out so the middle of the paper is hollow. This paper should now be laid down on the canvas.

Each member of the family should now pick a different color of acrylic paint. At the bottom of the canvas an index can be made. Each person should write their name and dot a color above where they wrote their name. Each person can take turns finger printing where they want inside the stencil. Make sure the colors don’t bleed together.
When dry, frame it. Then it’s over! The project is ready to be given to any mother for a perfect Mother’s Day!