Healthy recipes for students on the go!


Photo by Sarah Harmon

In the mood for a healthy summer snack? A friend of mine, photographer Sarah Harmon introduced me to an easy summer treat. This recipe only takes about three ingredients and only about five minutes to create. This is perfect for a summer party or a snack by the pool. Check out more treats like this one at This recipes makes one, but can make more by adding an apple. I am introducing, the Apple Sandwich.


Apple (Any Kind)
Peanut Butter (Any Kind)


Start off by washing a ripe apple. I enjoy using red and golden and delicious apples. Then, slice the apple in the middle horizontally. Then, cut the center out of each half piece. Spread peanut butter of the remainder of the core pieces. Do not cover the skin of the apple. Then, place raisins on one side of the peanut butter covered piece. Finally, take the other piece and place it on top, creating a sandwich. Enjoy!