Station Medical Center requests people use sidewalks

Credit to made by mazeo

Credit to made by mazeo

The Station Medical Center is located behind the Altoona Area Junior High. Students use the Station Medical Center parking lot to get to and from school.The Station Medical Center has asked students to no longer walk through the building and to use the side walks.

In the winter, it is a nice break from the cold for students to cut through the Station Medical Center. Students get kicked out of the building. The Medical Center promotes people to walk in there because of the ability to walk a mile indoors. Why can’t students pass through just like the adults?

Not being able to cut through the parking lot creates a lot of time. If someone is running late to school, they cannot simply run through the parking lot. Teachers that walk over outside the Medical Center now must take extremely long ways. The school population is strongly affected by the limits they have created. Many adults and students have appointments within the Station Medical Center. Again, they cannot cut through the parking lot. They must take an extremely long walk around the whole building.

The Station Medical Center created these rules for the safety of staff and students. They are claiming there is too much traffic for people to be passing through the parking lot. While the consideration of health is nice, it is creating problems. No one has been hit by a car so why create a rule for a situation that does not exist? Yes, the situation can exist and would be very sad, but right now it’s annoying for everyone.