Biology Keystone prepares students for life’s challenges

Photo by Faith Bonghi

Photo by Faith Bonghi

In ninth grade year students have to take a state test for the biology course.  All ninth grade student are stressing out and very worried about this test.  Some think the test should not be taken because they think it’s stupid, and it has no benefits toward their grades.  Yes, some may agree with that statemen, but some of it may not be so true.  The test determines if the student graduates or not.  It plays a big role in a student’s educational life and without it how would the student  know how much information he or she has obtained over the years.

This test shows if students have paid attention or not.  It is a very important and valuable test  for their high school years. The Biology  Keystones are like a smaller version of the SATs.  A lot of these kinds of test play a big part in their high school and college education. It may not be the biggest test of students school years but it does play a big part in the course of a student’s school life.

Also, the teachers rely on this test and others so they are aware if they are doing their job correctly.  Without these tests how would teachers know if their students are getting the  lessons and information properly. It’s not just scoring the student; it’s also scoring the teacher on how well the teacher teaches the students.

The test is a representation of life’s challenges as well.  All through life there will be bumps like these kinds of test in the way. People have challenges in their career and in their social life as well.  These test are just preparing you for these times of mix-ups.

Principals and teachers want students to be ready for life.  They want students to not be stressed if problems come their way.  Problem solving is their main goal for students. Test like these ones are just a start to the future for a students.  All of the big test students take in their high school and college education  just symbolize how real life problems are to come down the road.  It’s giving you the tools for life.  This test is important for every student and without it then students would not be ready for problems in the way.

The test is going to help so students need to calm down and take a deep breathe and just relax about this test.  If students focus and do their best then the test should come easy to them.  Students need to have a good breakfast and sleep properly and they should be good for the any test that comes their way.