This is what our creation turned out as!


School is almost over! We have half a week until we can all sleep in till 12, go to bed at 1. The most important part, no homework! With school ending for summer, here comes the end of this blog series. This final blog idea has come from a good friend of mine, Sarah Harmon. Along with the attached video, here are the steps to making a new country, with the help of macaroni.


supplies needed:




-elbow macaroni noodles


The first step in this fun adventure is setting down the paper. This project works best if on a table top. Open the box of uncooked macaroni and grab a handful. The macaroni should them be placed in a pile in the center of the paper.

 From there, the pieces can be moved around as wanted. Find some design that works best and is favored. This can be anything! It can look like a shape, an object, a person, anything! It is also fun to just let the pieces fall where they will.

 Take the pencil and trace the outside of the macaroni pile. Once all sides are drawn, remove the macaroni from the paper. There should be an outline on the paper in a seemingly random shape.

From this point on, it is a country. Design it the way desired. Make hills and valleys, lakes and towers, whatever desired! Finally, draw the outside of the land mass an ocean.

This project is super simple and can be done with any age group! Not many supplies are needed, just a couple things and a creative brain! The final product can be colored, printed, even displayed as art! Have a good time this summer with these DIYs and stay safe! Thanks for reading!