Paws and Claws; Everything about pets


This is Noel’s yellow lab, Jasmine, enjoying a ride in a play car.

This is Noel’s yellow lab, Jasmine, enjoying a ride in a play car.

This week’s pet is a mischievous yellow lab named Jasmine. Jasmine belongs to Jonah Noel. Noel shared some stories about the situations the dog has gotten herself into.

“Jasmine likes to get up onto the counter and steal food. One day we came home to a whole chicken meatless. It was not a great day for her” Noel said.

One thing about dogs is that they do love human food, even though it isn’t really good for them. Yellow labs are known for raiding the trash when left unattended.

“She likes to eat peanut butter and dog food,” Noel said.

Dogs also like to have fun, like exercising or spending time with their owners.

“She really enjoys going for car rides,” Noel said.

Noel got Jasmine about a year ago in Claysburg.

Dogs also need to be exercised regularly. Labs are healthier and happier when they  are playing and getting exercise.

“We take her for walks,” Noel said.

Besides eating the whole chicken, Jasmine has done other bad things too.

“She chewed on the TV wire,” Noel said.

Besides being sneaky at times, Labs are great pets to have. They can be easily trained and make a wonderful family dog.

“Overall, she is a good dog to have,” Noel said.