Carving the pow!

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This weekend the conditions weren’t so good Saturday.

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  Sunday Blue Knob accumulated some snow and a lot of people went up. One of my friends just started snowboarding this year.

 “I wanted something to do this because I didn’t do a winter sport and most of my friends snowboard,’’ Nick Hayden said.

He also does ski club, and we took him up before and taught him how to snowboard. I asked him how his first year was doing ski club and he said “Not so good because it was canceled, and when we went the conditions were bad.”

It took him two trips to get everything down. The hardest thing he thought about snowboarding was learning how to carve. Carving is when you move back and forth against the snow to keep a comfortable speed. But, the thing he likes most about snowboarding is just being with friends. I have become closer to my friends and I have made more friends because of ski club.