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photo courtesy of victordemoura

Dungeons and Dragons is a hit board game that was changed to a virtual online world in Dungeons and Dragons online or DDO.  This game puts the player in the shoes of a hero that the player creates.  This game is very enjoyable because of the personality the player can put into their character, the quests that the player are asked to do, and the vast amount of weapons and enemies.

Before the players begin the game, they create a character of their own.  There are multiple races and classes to make the character exactly how the player wants.  The player can decide then and there if this character will be based around magic, using a crossbow or being right up in the action with a hard hitting sword or any melee weapon.  When the player decides exactly what he wants, he can put certain “points” where they are needed.  For example if  using a crossbow character, the player would want his character to have a high dexterity number.  In this section the player can create exactly the character that they wanted, if they wanted a high intelligence or a really strong character they would decide that here.

The player accepts different quests from people in the village.  The player goes to certain areas to complete the quest.  For example an early quest is one where the player must guard a magical stone to save the town.  When the character does certain quests, a narrator comes on to explain what is happening like the dungeon master or DM would do on the board game.  This person gives players a brief description of what is going on and hints when playing the game.  For example when you are walking into a room the narrator may say you feel a draft coming from the room, then the character would know that there may be a secret passage.

Next, there is a vast number of weapons to choose from and enemies to defeat.  At the start of the game, the player has an option of what weapon the player would like to take with him or her during the start of the game.  During the game, there are multiple times when the player can change weapons and armor for better kinds.  When the player completes a quest along with the experience they also achieve something from the person, this can be a new weapon or better armor.  There are multiple enemies to defeat, anywhere from sorcerers to mutated creatures.  These characters will trade to hurt the player , and the player have a certain amount of life.  There are multiple places during long quests where the player can stop and rest to retrieve their health.

In conclusion, I would give this game a 4 out of 5 stars.  This game is very well made and very fun, but I think that it should have more of a main quest other than a lot of minor quests.  This game is a lot of fun and I would recommend anyone to download this game for free!

photo courtesy of victordemoura