Organizations need more than two fundraisers


Photo from Creative Commons

All clubs and activities within the school must be concerned with fundraising.  Limiting organizations to only two fundraisers increases the concern for students and advisers. Receiving more funding can produce more of a profit for the clubs.  Increasing this limit would benefit all involved.

According to board policy, each program may have two fundraisers.  One of the largest programs in the school, the music department, has two fundraisers each year.  There is a lot of money that needs to be raised to cover all of the students in the music department. A music department student must pay fair share.  Fair share is the money paid to the music program in order to go on fieldtrips.  Another fundraiser would help the students pay off this fair share. Two fundraisers is not enough to cover the amount needed for the program.  These fundraisers can include coupon booklets, candy or chip dips.

Other large programs in the school would include drama club.  Drama club also has two fundraisers per year.  Drama goes on a club trip every year. They also make their own costumes which cost a large amount of money.  Programs like newswriting and other various sports could need more fundraisers as well.  One more fundraiser would make a big difference for all clubs.

Most fundraisers that are given out include candles, hoagies, candy and coupon booklets.  For another fundraiser, instead of these, the fundraising items could be changed.  For example, frozen pizza, cookies or cookie dough or a wider variety of candies other than chocolate.  New things to sell in fundraisers would attract more people.

Although some of this money is going back to the company itself, a minimum of forty percent is coming back to the organization. Reconsidering the number of fundraisers allowed would be helpful to all student organizations.