Superstar Student


Superstar student

Christopher Parrish

Every student has that superstar quality that makes them stand out through the school. Each week this blog will shine the spotlight on a student who shows true character inside and out.

Superstar student
Superstar student

Seventh grader Christopher Parish earned his title of bringing the first superstar student of the 2015/2016 school year. This spelling and sports loving student stood out to teachers and peers as a star student who loves a good time.

“He is very full of energy and likes to lead his classmates in activities we do. He loves to dance, and when he laughs he won’t stop for awhile,” music teacher Jon Yon said.

Being a master at spelling, Chris gets good grades and livens up the classroom with his spelling skills. Shining in and out of the school, Chris plays baseball for the Oreos in the local miracle league.

“Chris is a really friendly kid, and he is always talking about baseball and laughing at everything,” his friend Katie Cumming said.

Following in his brother’s footsteps in the world of sports, Chris strives to be a baseball player in the future. Chris is involved with the Circle of Friends club in the school which is where we met when Chris threw 5 scores in bean bag in a row. His friends all enjoy being around him and getting to know Chris.

If anyone gets the chance, give Chris a high five and congratulate him on being the first star student this year and maybe you could even get to know each other and see how Chris likes a good laugh.