Fun cheap things to do with loved ones


in courtesy of Shari

There are more ways to show love than chocolates and diamonds.  There are many things that everyone can do with their loved ones and have more personal and a fun time.  Here are five things to do with a  loved one for little expenses.

To start, a very romantic and fun thing to do is just simply go out for a walk with the man or woman and just talk.  This is a personal and fun thing to do that is very inexpensive.  Listen to each other and have a good time.  Afterwards go back to a house and snuggle up for a romantic movie.

Another very nice thing to do is an at home date.  If there are no funds to go out for dinner, take a personal touch.  Make a nice meal and sit together and have a good time.   Transform your home into a nice place to eat some very nice cuisine.

Next, do something he/she has always wanted to do.  If she has been talking about a movie she wants to see, take them to see it for an amazing night.

Also, a very romantic idea is to make the special person something nice.  I don’t mean like little kids making cards, but something nice like for example a craft book of all the good times together.  It’s very simple, very cute and romantic.

Last, there is always option to take them somewhere special.  Maybe somewhere nice like on a hill to watch a sunset. This is very romantic, and will make the night one to remember.  

In conclusion, all of these things will make a fun day worth remembering.  Why not  try and see what they think, most likely they will be shocked and very much amazed at  this day, remember to have fun!

in courtesy of Shari