Donald Trump makes best fit for America

Vote Trump!

By Michael Vadon [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Michael Vadon [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

“Make America great again.”

Donald Trump’s slogan encompasses his entire campaign. Trump promises to fix the broken education system, to help lower the national debt, and to make healthcare more affordable for the average citizen. Why worry about political correctness when he can correct this country. His lack of experience is a good thing since he is willing to go against a major politician and do what is right for this country. He represents the common man.

Trump believes in free choice of schools for all students. He promises to have funding to allow this free choice of schools no matter if a student is in poverty or not. He wants to add 130 billion dollars to his plan of providing free school choice.  He also wants to make college more affordable for students. Allowing them to focus on getting a good paying job without all the debt.

Trump said, “As president I will establish the national goal of providing school choice to every American child living in poverty.”

Trump also said, “The students are choking on those loans. They can’t pay them back. Before they start they’re in trouble. And it’s something I hear more and more and it’s one of the things I hear more than anything else.”

Trump promises to improve the national economy by helping lower the national debt. Trump is the best fit for lowering the national debt since he is a major businessman himself. He may have gone bankrupt four times but he still bounced back and came out on top. He wants to create jobs for those who can not find one.

Trump also promises to make healthcare more affordable for the average family. He wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with his own plan Health Savings accounts. This will cause the cost of health insurance plans to go down without decreasing the quality.

Trump said, “Every American deserves high quality, affordable health care, not just insurance. Obamacare has failed on cost and quality of healthcare. It must be repealed. America needs a patient centered health care system, allowing families and their doctors to be primary decision makers.”

Donald Trump is the person to vote for those who want an honest man in office who wants what is best for the people. Vote to fix America’s problems