New game takes video enthusiasts back: Battlefield 1

Cameron Havens

Battlefield_computer_games_logo-1(Photo attributed from By EA ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)


Among the countless games in the first person shooter genre, Battlefield 1 is one of the better options available this fall.

Released Oct. 21, EA Dice added its fifteenth installment to the Battlefield series, but this time with a new twist: instead of being set in the present day, the game takes place during World War I.

History buffs might appreciate the ancient weaponry, vehicles, aircraft and boats – all accurate depictions of those used during the conflict. The game brings the past to life with dynamic elements like life-like effects and intricate maps.

Throughout the game, the realistic graphics allow the player to feel like he or she is fighting on an old battlefield in a dispute between good and evil. One example that illustrates this realism is simply after a weapon is fired. A visual after-effect might include falling rubble from a building. At the same time, the image on the screen “shakes” while the controller continuously vibrates.

Battlefield 1 can be set apart from other games in the first person shooter genre, specifically when it comes to game mode operations. A person will either be assigned to the “attacking” or “defending” force. The attacking force consists of three battalions; each one has 150 soldiers. If an attacking force pushes through each defense, it is sent to the next location (a new map). If the attackers beat all maps, a different outcome of the war will be described to the player. However, if the defenders succeed, the original outcome of the war will be told to the player, thus ending the game.

Another game mode that differentiates Battlefield 1 from its competitors is called War Pigeons. Opposing forces fight to either imprison or free war pigeons that carry messages. If a team frees all of the pigeons, then the team, as in any other game mode, will win the game.

Despite the game’s fine qualities, some might fight the maps limiting. Every time a battalion is eliminated, a new area is unlocked, closing the other one. Players may not return to previously completed environments. Adding an option to free roam would strengthen the game’s popularity, eliminating the location constraints prescribed by the game.   

Even though people may initially categorize Battlefield 1 as just another “fighting” game, its realistic and dynamic effects put it on the “front lines” of the first person shooter genre.


Graphics – 10

Content – 9

Gameplay – 10

Maps – 8

Overall – 9.25/10

**Disclaimer: This game is rated M for Mature. This game may not be played by anyone under the age of 18 without parental consent. Before considering this game, one should consult with parents/guardians.