Readers relate to Paper Towns

Willow Yingling

Quiet we are reading.

If you like to read sad, mysterious and emotional books then maybe readers should pick up a John Green book.

Paper Towns is one of Green’s earliest books.

It is a well written, tearjerker.

The story begins in a subdivision where two young kids live together, and the main character Quentin Jacobsen, known as Q throughout the whole novel, introduces himself and his neighbor, Margo.  The very beginning is Jacobsen telling the readers that his neighbor, Margo, wanted him to go to the local to hangout where she then shows young Q a dead body. That is when the young girl introduces the readers to the metaphor “maybe his strings broke.”  

The novel then begins to go to current day. Q is 17, while Margo is 18.  One late night she goes into his room and makes him drive her around to get revenge for the people that have wronged her. At the end of the night she allows her accomplice to pick someone to get revenge.  After that night is over, Margo runs away and Q makes it his mission to find the girl he loves.

Q is a very relatable character to many people. Teens often times develop a crush and would do nearly anything to help and be with him or her. In this novel Q does exactly that. He began as a very shy, anxious person, and then he turned into a very brave, daring teenager. Q can keep readers on their toes wondering what he will do next.  

Overall it was a very good book. The cliffhanger at the very end was not the best ending to give a book.  It could have continued a little longer and answered some questions readers were having towards the end.  

The book was very good, and it would be five out of five stars.