Readers need to get on train

The Girl On The Train is a #1 New York Times Best seller. The Girl On The Train was author Paula Hawkins first thriller novel.

The Girl On The Train is set in London and is about a woman who is struggling with alcoholism due to the recent difficult events in her life. She idealized the life of a couple she saw everyday on her train to work. But one day she witnesses something she wished she hadn’t and becomes heavily involved with a police investigation. The woman that she observed had gone missing, and she isn’t sure if she’s responsible. The lives of the main character, her ex-husband, her ex-husband’s new wife and the couple she witnessed on the train all become connected.

Once readers pick up this thriller novel they won’t be able to put it down. The author uses common language to draw readers in. She develops the plot using viewpoints from different characters.  Paula Hawkins has a way of keeping the reader interested through all 323 pages. This book is an emotional roller coaster.

The Girl On The Train  does contain explicit language and graphic content. The book is also set in England so it was difficult to understand some of the terms that were frequently used. Other than those things The Girl On The Train  is definitely a book worth reading.