Artery Clogger

I will be going to different restaurants around town and eating food that has as many calories as possible. Health nuts beware.

Have you ever gone to McDonald’s and thought about your calorie intake? Probably not, right?  Well, I went to McDonald’s purely for that purpose.  

I began my little late night visit to McDonald’s by looking at the menu they so graciously have in the front.  The Double Quarter Pounder with cheese along with a large fry and drink looked like the most appetizing.  They handed me the tray with the food, and I took a seat.

The average Double Quarter Pounder is about 780 calories, a large cola is 300 calories, and a large fry is about 510 calories.  Meaning that is about 1600 calories already taken out the average person’s day.

Opening up the burger was one of the worst parts of visiting McDonald’s. The staff was very kind, though.  It was poorly constructed with it being very off-centered and looked as if it was thrown together, literally.  The burger was very greasy and dripping and overall unappealing.  It was not the worst thing ever made, but the pickle made a surprise attack and was not expected at all.  


The fries on the other hand were very delightful. McDonald’s can never let you down when it comes down to their fries.  They nailed it there.

Yet again they could not mess up a drink, so the cola was good.  It was very cool and refreshing after the burger.