Stranger Things in the 1980’s

A must see Netflix Original series that will keep someone on the edge of their seat.

Emily Rentz

The phenomenal Netflix Original series, Stranger Things, created by the Duffer Brothers, is binge worthy and is so addicting from the beginning. Stranger Things is only eight episodes long but around 45-50 minutes long each. Every episode gets better and better and is never boring.

Stranger Things is about a boy who goes missing and the whole town goes looking for him. While his friends go looking for him, they find a girl who’s name is Eleven and  has escaped for Hawkins Laboratory and has “special powers”. The three boys and the girl help each other in finding what they need. The kids grow together into becoming close friends. They must work together to fight a monster and keep each other and the whole town safe.

After watching Stranger Things, people will be asking  “what happens next”. Stranger Things Season Two will be out in September 2017, but can the fans wait that long?