Ann-APPLE-is, the city of apps

What the App store has in store!

Julia Pitts

Using the App store

In the company Apple there are a variety of apps to choose from; however, people who have Apple products  couldn’t download apps without the App store.

As many, if not all apple users know, if they want to download an app they can just click on the store to look up what they are searching for. This is a very cool feature because specific people can download any number of apps to occupy their time. Only if they have enough gigabytes that is of course.

There are plenty of apps out there for bored teenagers. According to Apple, the app store has two million apps available as of June, 2016. The best part about it is that most teenagers own an iPhone. 69% of 6,500 teens are iPhone users.

So for all of the teens out there searching for a new way to be entertained, check out the app store!