Simply sweet!

Desserts for the beginning pastry chef.

Fudge balls:

Every holiday season since I was just a little girl, I looked forward to a trip to grandma’s house for a visit, but more importantly so I could raid the cookie tray! One of my favorites was her homemade fudge, little heavenly marbles of joy!

So I’ve been eating them for quite a few years now and never could get my fill, until now because I stumbled upon grandma’s recipe in an old cookbook I was perusing. The Thank Heaven for Homemade Cooks Cookbook that had been compiled by the Saint Anthony Society of Saint Mark’s Church held the magical key to grandma’s fudge.

I expected a list of ingredients stretching as far as the eye could see, but to my surprise I saw only five. Yes five simple ingredients was all that was needed to create the magic that I have enjoyed since I was able to eat solid food. Making these little chocolate beauties is my first step on a journey of making fun, creative and delicious dessert treats to share with friends and family. What better way to begin as a pastry chef than with a recipe touched with grandma’s love!

Recipe measurements for a double batch (Yields about 60 fudge balls)

Four sticks margarine

One tsp vanilla

32 oz powdered sugar

Six tbsp unsweetened cocoa

Two cups peanut butter

Steps to making the fudge balls:

Melt margarine and mix all ingredients together. Add powdered sugar last. Use fingers when mixing. Roll fudge into balls about the size of large marbles. Place the fudge balls into paper candy cups and put half of a walnut on top or decorate with sprinkles or anything else you desire.