In a Country World!; It’s all about country music, upcoming concerts, and artists of the week.

Miranda Lambert and Beyonce poses for a picture. Courtesy of

Artists of the week:

1. Miranda Lambert

2. Kenny Chesney

3. Lee Brice

Miranda Lambert expresses her feelings in her songs. When she sings a new song it’s about who she is, or what she did. She is a natural. Her personality never changes. Lambert doesn’t try to fit in with everyone else; she is her own kind of person. She stands out when she sings on stage in front of a million people. I admire that about her. She has come a long way in country music. As everyone knows she is married to the country singer Blake Shelton. They support each other in everything they do. My favorite song by her would have to be “The House that Built Me.”

I just started listening to Kenny Chesney. One of my friends got me into listening to his music. He is serious about his career. He tries his best when he sings. If he messes up he just continues going, he doesn’t stop. All his songs associate with his life in some way. He is not a fake country artist. He writes about his feelings and sings them like he means it. Chesney works with other country music artists, that just shows that he is a sociable person. He knows how to work with others and make the song sound good.

Upcoming Concerts:  Sarah Evans, March 17th in Lancaster PA.

  Tim McGraw, March 18th in Burgettstown, PA.

Miranda Lambert and Beyonce poses for a picture. Courtesy of