Stranger Things in 1980’s

Where’s Will Byers?

Emily Rentz

In episode one of the season, we meet just the average 13 year olds playing Dungeons and Dragons. Then, one of them disappears riding his bike home, but what happens to Will and who takes him? All of the questions will be answered throughout the season.

Will’s mom and brother, Joyce and Jonathan, start looking for Will. Joyce decides to go to the police station. Hopper, the chief of the station, says he isn’t missing and he’s probably with his dad because nothing goes on in Hawkins.

Hawkins is full of secrets. The main question is: what is the huge hole in the wall and what girl are they talking about?! Eleven is the girl that escapes from Hawkins Laboratory and  ends up at Benny’s Burgers. Benny is the owner and finds Eleven and decides to help her and calls Social Services. How does Eleven stop a fan by just looking at it? Does she have powers? When Social Services shows up, they shoot Benny?! Poor guy, all he wanted to do was help. Eleven runs away before she is caught.

When Hopper goes to investigate the Byer’s house, he finds clues to Will’s disappearance and wants a search party to find him.

By the end of the next night, Will’s friends Mike, Lucas, and Dustin, go searching for him in the woods and find Eleven instead!