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How many calories can you consume in one meal?

Willow Yingling

Artery clogger blogger is back!  

Nearly everyone has gone to Wendy’s at least once in his or her life. Wendy’s has a lot of foods that range in calories.  I went to Wendy’s to try their food with the highest number of calories.

This little tale begins with a very hungry teen. I thought I should get some Wendy’s since I had not had it for a fair amount of time.  I looked upon their glorious menu and saw something that peaked my interest, Dave’s Triple burger.  Along with that I also got a medium fry and a root beer.  

Your average Dave’s Triple is about 1,070 calories, a medium fry is about 420 calories, and a root beer is 360 calories. Adding all of that up is 1,850 calories!  Keep in mind that the average number of calories teenagers should be eating is 2,200.  That only leaves 350 calories for the entire day.

Going to Wendy’s gives diners some high expectations since their advertisement looks quite eye-appealing.  Actually receiving their food is a completely different story.  Just opening the wrapper of Dave’s Triple already there was grease elegantly glazing the bun and making it look as if it was sweating itself. Still there was hope of it being good.

Opening Dave’s burger nearly made me abort the mission of trying this monster of a burger.  Mayonnaise was all over the top of it hiding hiding all of the tomato, onions and multiple pickle slices.  For a mayo hater that is what a nightmare looked like.  Like a trooper a bite was taken anyway.  It was hard to get all of it into your mouth since there were three hamburger patties in it.  It was a dripping mess, and the after taste would not leave, so that is when  the root beer was consumed.  

After the horrendous burger made it’s damage, it was time to eat their great fries.  They were very salty and overall pretty great.  There are no complaints with the fries at all.

Root beer is not a favorite, but it was very thirst-quenching and not the worst thing.  

Wendy’s is a pretty good chain-restaurant unless you get a burger.  Nearly everything else there is pretty good.

If a person would want more calories they could add some other types of foods like their sugar cookies which would add 390 calories putting the average person over on calories. A person could also add another 580 calories, or you could even make the portions larger making that around 2,820 calories!

Next time you make your way out to Wendy’s try some different things and try even more calories!