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Because Video games are not enough

David Rudy

This weeks’s Topic: Magic the Gathering

Imagine collecting creatures and spells that can affect a battlefield instead of baseball players or football players. This game is Magic the Gathering where players collect cards that help their chances of winning battles between other players.

In Magic the Gathering players carefully construct decks of 60 cards. Decks consist of spells, lands that produce mana and creatures ┬áthat can be summoned with the mana. Using those types of cards, infinite possibilities for strategies can be formed, catering to a player’s play style. New cards are added every year through expansion packs. Each new expansion adds new strategies and new elements to the game. With new cards added every year, players can find new strategies that suit to them.

As with every game, players will need important items to play the game. The first and most important item the player will need is the cards themselves. For starting players, I recommend skipping booster packs and finding either duel decks or intro packs. These are prebuilt decks that can be improved later. Counters are also needed; these are for cards that are required to keep track of an ability or timer. While special counters can be bought, simple things like ripping up paper or buying simple bath beads can be for players who are on a budget. The last item required for players is a life counter to help keep track of health. While there are special life counters, just buying a regular 20 sided die for dungeons and dragons is usable too. There are even apps on smartphones for free that add the function of a life counter and even more all for free. Most of the items listed can be found at local game stores like Snake Eyes Gaming or Gate House games or big stores like Walmart. Buying local can help keep game stores running since there are no magic events at Walmart.

For new players who want to learn how to play here are these links