We Call the Shots

The blog that tells you the qualities found in a good photo.

When taking a picture it is important to get an action shot. Not all good photos are action shots but action shots generally make a more interesting photo. For example all of the following pictures were taken at the Altoona Area Junior High School boys’ basketball game against the Alvernia Crusaders. These action shots feature cheering cheerleaders, players in the game and players warming up before the game.

Ninth graders Ben Warren, Donnie Moyer and Brennan Baughman watch their teammates practice shooting while waiting their turn. The white boys’ basketball team warms up for approximately twenty minutes before each game. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Go Altoona! The Altoona Area Junior High School cheer squad cheers on the boys’ basketball team from the stands. The cheer squad is led by cheer captain ninth grader Paige Glasgow,  captain Kayli Barefoot, co-captain Brooke Del Biondo and co-captain Cassara Stanley. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Shoot for 2! Number 35 PJ Charles shoots a three pointer. In this case this basket was one of many to help the boys pull out a victory against Alvernia. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Warm up! Player number 5 Ben Walls warms up before the game. The boys team  practice shooting before every game. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
“I’m open!” Number 23 Ben Warren prepares for a pass from another Altoona team member. The Altoona Area Junior High School ninth grade is split into two basketball teams- maroon and white. Photo By Paige Glasgow.