Paws and Claws; Everything about pets

This is the Tabby cat, Peanut.

This is the Tabby cat, Peanut.

This week’s pet is an overweight tabby cat named Peanut. Peanut is one of the two cats that Hunter Datres owns.

“We got him because he was cute and I wanted a cat,” Datres said.

Every cat has gotten into trouble in one point or another.

“Once he ran away. I found him in between the house eating a mouse,” Datres said.

There are care requirements for every pet. Peanut needs the normal care that every cat does.

“We give him food and water and clean his litter box out every other day,” Datres said.

Peanut isn’t really what you call mentally stable.

“He’s gone psycho before. He flipped out and then ran around the house really fast,” Datres said.

Cats usually have a lifespan of fourteen to fifteen years.

“We’ve had him for about ten years,” Datres said.

Cats can live long, so they should be kept happy. Peanut enjoys days of sleeping and eating- two of a cat’s favorite things to do.

This is the Tabby cat, Peanut.