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This week’s topic: Ticket to Ride

Back in the early 20th century America trains were the main mode of of transportation for long distance travel. Different train companies wanted to control the railroads. In Ticket to Ride players step into the role of their own train company to control the biggest train route.

Ticket to ride is about controlling the map with the biggest railroad. To achieve this goal, players must build interconnected railroads using different colored train cars depending on the section of track. When a player takes a section of track, the player gains points depending on how long the section was. Players can also gain points by fulfilling certain routes depicted on a ticket player’s can take at anytime. These points are only counted at the end of the game; which can be the difference between winning and losing.

Ticket to Ride is about an hour to play; making it a good choice for family game nights, or something to play with friends. The game is very easy to learn, but takes time to master since many strategies can be formed to ensure the most amount of track is taken on the board.

Ticket to Ride can be found at most local game stores like Snake Eyes Gaming or at major retailers like Target or Walmart. There are even expansion packs that add new elements to the game, or even new boards entirely. The game can also be purchased digitally on Google play or the App Store. I recommend this for players who are unsure about the game or for long trips in the car and vacations. Players in the app play against computer controlled players or even other players online.

To see how the game is played beforehand or if the instructions are lost check the link below.