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I will be going to different restaurants around town and eating food that has as many calories as possible. Health nuts beware.

Have you ever gone to Burger King and wondered about your calorie intake? I highly doubt that.  No one wants to.

My weekly fast food craving this week was the all time not-so-favorite Burger King.  I absolutely hate Burger King with a fiery passion, but I went ahead with my mission to try  Burger King’s highest calorie option.

Burger King has the Bacon King which has 1,040 calories at one time.  Getting a full meal consisted of the burger, a coke which was 290 calories alongside with a fry that was about another 380 calories.  That means that is 1,710 calories! That may not seem like a whole lot, but the majority of those calories only came from one burger!

Opening the Bacon King was not as appalling as expected.  It was put together pretty well.  It was not all greasy and sloppily thrown together.  Burger King is not an all time favorite fast food chain, but it is starting to step its game up and that was respectable.  The very beginning of the consumption of the burger was difficult since there was meat on meat, and it was fairly large.  Once the first bite was taken it was not that bad.  Burger King made something that tasted like it did not come from the garbage, and it was actually pleasing.

The fries were also not the best in town.  They are thick and just did not taste right. After taking one bite it was a light bulb moment.  The fries were also good, and savory.  It had been a long time since fries from the Burger King franchise had been appreciated.

Drinks are very hard to mess up.  Burger King did not fail to deliver a good drink.

Overall Burger King has stepped up their game.  The employees were very nice even though it was kind of busy, and their food is starting to get better.