Unofficial holidays deserve better treatment


Aurora Soural

Almost daily, thousands upon thousands of students, teachers and peers miss school. For whatever reasons- examples include one’s abduction by aliens, thinking ‘two hour delay’ means ‘sleep in all day,’ and needing a personal health break- this happens much too often for the consideration of abnormalness. However, people today mainly skip school because school goes on for too long during the year. Simply put, they get bored and figure they shouldn’t be attending such a shoddy institution daily while some of their favorite holidays pass.

Now, many might assume I am talking about the number of days given per holiday, like those placed aside to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas, are not enough. Or maybe even that I am talking about the under-nourished holidays of Hanukkah or Cinco De Mayo, in which principals and organizations have school still in session because they are not considered ‘real’ holidays.

Both, although still contributing factors to what I have in mind, are not the main idea at which I am pointing. Looking at ALL holidays, official and unofficial, 89 percent of them lack the official celebrations with days off. Days of school drop off the calendar so everyone can give the right amount of patriotism towards a day with special meaning, so why must school still go on while these festivals pass?

A day off for every holiday- official AND unofficial- no matter how small or uncelebrated it actually is, that should be how schools and workplaces operate on the matter of days off.

Where might one find a place that lists every holiday, one that showcases all of the no-school days we could have with this new idea in a new light?

At , of course. Important and dear celebrations such as Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day (January 7), National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (December 16), and Chicken Soup For The Soul Day (November 12) should not be taken away from you only due to the sheer stupidity of them. They are holidays, no matter if they are widely celebrated or otherwise.

I have a dream that, for the future of my school and for the mere beginning of a revolution that could last for ages, every holiday- no matter how small- gifts a day off from school and work to all. Please, let’s make this impossibly unintelligent dream come true.