Stranger Things in 1980’s

Holly Jolly

Emily Rentz

Episode three is actually called Holly Jolly. What a coincidence for this week!

This episode is actually my least favorite episode out of all eight. The Duffer Brothers didn’t have a lot of Mike and Eleven action in the episode. This episode was mainly about Barb and Joyce.

Joyce believes that Will is talking through the lights, and Jonathan thinks she’s going crazy. She decides to buy more Christmas lights because she thinks she can communicate with Will better. To me, Joyce is acting crazy, but she admits that she isn’t but it sounds bizarre.

Barb is now in the Upside Down and Nancy is worried. Jonathan goes to develop his pictures and somehow Nancy and her friends find out. Her friends end up destroying them, and Nancy finds one picture of Barb, takes it home, and pieces it back together and finds something strange in the background. It’s the Demogorgan. Nancy decides to go back to the house to find clues and finds Barbs abandoned car and finds the Demogorgan herself but runs before she is caught. Phew.

Hopper decides to go to Hawkins Lab, and he thinks that the video footage they are showing is false! I thought Hopper was so smart in this scene because it rained the night Will went missing and the footage showed no rain. So Hopper thinks the Hawkins Lab is hiding something and that something is that was the night Eleven escaped as well.

Remember the huge hole in wall in the Lab? That’s one of the ways to teleport to the Upside Down. Dr. Brenner, who runs the establishment, sends a scientist in the Upside Down and he never returns. Dr. Brenner has no feelings for anyone!

Hopper then decides to go to the library to find research on the Hawkins Laboratory. He finds out that Hawkins Laboratory had something to do with Terry Ives and he’s been on a total different case the whole time. Terry Ives becomes very important later on.

Karen, which is Mikes and Nancy’s mom, decides to come over to Joyce’s to talk things through with Holly, who is their younger sister. Holly explores and goes into Wills room and looks at the wall and the Demogorgan tries to come through! I would have been so scared if I was three and saw something come through a wall. Yikes.

Will really starts communicating through the light. Blink once for yes, twice for no. Joyce asks him if he’s safe and he’s not. She decides to make an alphabet wall and Will spells out RUN. The Demogorgan tries to come through the wall again!

Eleven tells the boys that Will is hiding in his house but he isn’t there. The boys don’t understand he is there but just  in a different dimension. They hear sirens and follow them. They end up finding “Wills body” in the bottom of a bay. How could Will end up in the bottom of a bay?! It just doesn’t make sense.