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This week’s restaurant is Taco Bell I will be going to different restaurants around town and eating food that has as many calories as possible. Health nuts beware.

Have you ever gone to Taco Bell and thought about the calorie intake?  No one ever does really.

I went to Taco Bell for some bomb tacos or burritos.  Taco Bell is the best taco place in town, so automatically I chose Taco Bell straight off the bat to go to.

My little Taco Bell run with my family was at one of the busiest hours of the whole entire day.  It took forever just to get our meal. I got the Quesarito combo which consists of a Quesarito, a taco of your choice and a large drink.

The typical Quesarito is around 640 calories, the taco I got was the Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos which is around 170 calories, and a large Baja Blast is 410 calories.  All together that equals approximately 1,350 calories in one sitting.

Taco Bell has legendary tacos and burritos.  That is why it is such a booming business and has very loyal customers.

The Quesarito was a little wrapped up bundle of joy.  It was neatly wrapped and was not sloppy at all.  It was constructed very well and smelled very appetizing.  Taking a large bite out of it proved yet again Taco Bell will never fail anyone.  It was very spicy, cheesy and just overall amazing.  There is no complaint ever when it comes to Taco Bell.

Along with the Quesarito is the Fiery Doritos taco.  At first, it was a skeptical taco.  Why would someone make a shell out of doritos?  It just did not sound that good.  Unwrapping the taco was another story.  This little hard shelled taco proved otherwise.  It smelled very delightful and looked welcoming.  One bad thing about it was the shell cracked.  It tasted very similar to Doritos, and it was like heaven in a tiny taco.

Taco Bell is also kind of known for serving Baja blast.  Upon going to Taco Bell a Baja Blast was ordered.  It is an absolute splendid drink.  It is a recommended for anyone that ever goes there along with the Cinnabon delights of course.

The Quesarito combo is a definite recommend to anyone. Seriously if anybody goes also get the Cinnabon delights because they are best.