Stranger Things in 1980’s

The Body

In episode four, the truth really comes out about Hawkins Lab and where Will really is.

When state troopers find Will’s body, everyone is in shock. Joyce claims that it’s not her son even though she saw the body! I mean it’s pretty self explanatory. Hopper tries to calm Joyce down by telling her that a similar thing happened to his daughter Sarah.

Eleven continues to try to communicate to Will through a walkie-talkie. Mike is still very upset at Eleven because they didn’t get to Will in time. All of a sudden, Will is heard in the walkie-talkie! He isn’t dead! At this point, I was so happy and relieved he wasn’t dead. He’s just an innocent child! Mike decides to stay home because he’s “sick”. He decides to make a plan to find Will. Lucas is still very upset about Mike and Eleven. Lucas wants to forget about her and do the rescue with just the trio. Mike and Dustin tell  him that they need her to track and find Will. Since the boys and Eleven are going into town looking for Will, Eleven needs a “makeover” so she can blend in and not be noticed by Hawkins Lab.

Back at the lab, Dr. Brenner sends a scientist into the upside down, but the scientist never comes out. Uh-oh.

The police come to interview Nancy about Barb being missing. They said there was no evidence showing where she was. When Nancy gets home she puts the picture back together and finds something strange in the corner. It’s the Demogorgan. While Jonathan goes to pick out a coffin for Will, Nancy joins him wanting to talk to him about the picture. Jonathan realizes he finally believes his mom. They decide they want to kill it.

The boys and Eleven go to the school and try to get into the electric room so Eleven can talk to Will in a more powerful radio set, but they get caught! So they are forced to go to the assembly for Will. Some bullies keep making fun of Will being dead but they become important later. They make it back to the radio room but find out he’s running from the Demogorgan! Will gets closer than ever and he’s in the wall at his house and Joyce see’s him. She tells him it will be okay and to run. What a brave boy. I would be so scared.

Somebody from the state does the autopsy on Will and Hopper is very suspicious about it, so he goes undercover to a bar and talks to the state trooper that found Will’s body. He ends up knowing it’s not really him. Hopper ends up going to Will’s body. He opens the body up and finds out it’s fake for sure and it’s filled with cotton!Now who would fake a child’s death? Hawkins Lab. Now Hopper is ready to break into the lab.