We Call The Shots

The blog that tells you the qualities found in a good photo.

When taking a photo you should keep in mind the quality of the photo. In the following photos, the photographer paid close attention to the lighting in the gymnasium. All of the following photos were taken at the ninth grade maroon versus white basketball game.

Huddle up! Coach Pfeffer huddles with the team on the game on Jan. 6. The school’s two ninth grade basketball teams played against each other.
To the hoops! On Friday Jan. 6, the ninth grade maroon and white basketball team played each other in a close game. The game ended with a maroon win with a score of 38-29.
Let’s go lions! The AAJHS cheerleading squad warms up their pyramid stunt before the game. The cheerleaders debuted their halftime routine for the first time at the Maroon and White game.
Foul! Number 15 Tyson Carter gets ready for his foul shot. The maroon team’s current record is…
The hoop is open! Number 35 Paul Charles prepares for a foul shot during the second quarter. Charles represented the white team during the game.