Challenging teachers push students

David Rudy Jr

Eighth grade teacher Jennifer Wilson winning teacher of the month brings up the question of what makes a good teacher? While some students think a good teacher is someone who does not pressure students to work hard and is laid back in class that is not what makes a good teacher. A good teacher must be strict but fair and willing to push students to strive for their best.

Teachers are here to teach the students with lessons and possibly improve them in many ways. A teacher who can improve a student not just through class lessons but in how they act and behave makes a good teacher. While the students may not appreciate them immediately, they will eventually learn to appreciate the lessons they were taught.

I had teachers in the past that have helped me to be successful today and in the future. For example my fifth grade teacher helped teach me no to put off things until the last minute by having more frequent projects and tests. While at the time I did not think the abundance of tests and projects was helping, I eventually learned to appreciate what that teacher had done for me. Another teacher that helped me reach success was my sixth grade science teacher who helped me understand how valuable studying is. When I failed a science test, my teacher helped me devise a study plan that would help me with future tests.Without both of those teachers I would not know where I would be in school today.

Teachers that should be remembered are the ones who can change a student’s life. Teachers who are easy on students are not really teaching them, they are just catering to them. A student will never truly learn unless they are pushed to work hard in school.