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Lion News

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Cameron Havens

On Jan. 31, the weather resulted in many complications for the students and teachers.

Because of inclement weather, a two hour delay forced the Book Blizzard, which is a book fair for the students in grades K-6, to be moved.  The new date for the book blizzard is Feb 2. AAJHS and AAHS students are supporting the AASD Elementary Book Blizzard, by helping the elementary children and teachers with their evening of fun to raise money for books.  The AAJHS NJHS, student-athletes, musicians, Student Ambassadors, AAHS Student Council, and NAHS members will assist the students with the arts and crafts, music, and competitions.


Parents are encouraged to bring gently used books to donate to the teachers.

Children will showcase their talents in music, art, and dance throughout the school.  AAHS musicians and artist will be there to assist and join the fun. There will be a guest reader in the library and AAJHS NJHS will assist with activities for the children. The gym will have games and fun for the children.  AAHS athletes will join us for the fun. The cafeteria will hold a door prize by selling tickets for “themed baskets”, which is to raise money for books for each grade level.  We thank our families, teachers, and PTA parents for their donations to the baskets.  Thank you for your support.

County band was also canceled for the day, so the students who were accepted into the competition did not have the opportunity to perform. They also had to follow the designated plan that had been set if it was canceled, resulting in students going to the classes unexpectedly.

In addition, due to the increase in poor weather conditions near the time students were to arrive at school, many parents filed complaints towards the school district because of road conditions, low temperatures and the concerns for the students who walk.

“I wish we didn’t have school on Tuesday just because I have to walk every day, and the weather outside was terrible. I even fell twice on my way here,” ninth grade student Steven Betsinger said.

Due the the weather’s effect on travel, activities and scheduling, parents called the school expressing concerns. However, superintendent Dr. Charles A. Prijatelj sent out letters addressing the decision to delay instead of cancel, announcing that the weather did not go as projected

Although the weather was not the best in the morning, the end of the day proved to hold results for many. The roads were clear, and every student who walks or gets a ride from a parent, was able to have a safe commute home, and students also did not lose our only snow day, right after Easter.