Stranger Things in 1980’s

The Bathtub

This episode had so much action in it and was one of my favorite episodes for sure!

So after Lucas tries to find the portal by himself, his compass leads straight to Hawkins Lab! He notices vans leaving and coming to Mike’s house! Those were the people who were following the kids. Lucas warns them with his radio by saying the “bad men” are coming. Mike and Dustin see the van outside and get frantic and leave with Eleven on their bikes. Dr. Brenner and his men drive after them. The boys meet up together, and the vans are coming from both directions. There’s nowhere to go. Then all of a sudden, Eleven uses her powers and flips the van! This has to be one of my favorite scenes of the whole series. When they get to safety, Lucas apologizes to Eleven and Mike and they become friends again.

After Nancy and Jonathan tell Hopper and Joyce about the Demogorgan being real, they know that it exists and know that it took Will and Barb.

Karen, Mike’s mom, is worried about Mike. She goes downstairs to the basement to look for him but finds strands of blond hair. Eleven’s wig! Karen is curious. Then, a knock is at the door, and it’s Dr. Brenner! He keeps asking her questions about if she knows about a girl and where she’s. She tells him she doesn’t know anything but thinks Mike is keeping a secret. He asks her if she knows where Mike might have gone.

The boys now know they must get to Hawkins Lab but know it’s armed. While they are at the junkyard, they hear a helicopter. It’s from the lab! So they hide in a nearby broken down bus. The helicopter passes, and they aren’t found. Phew!

After Troy got his arm broken, his mom and he go to the police and tell Hopper that a girl broke his arm without even touching him! He also describes that she had no hair. Hopper now knows Eleven’s out there with the boys! Now they all go to Nancy’s home:  Hopper, Nancy, Joyce and Jonathan. They think of places where Mike might be. They decide to find them through Will’s walkie-talkie! They talk to Mike, and he tells them their location. When they get to the junkyard, the “bad men” are already there and are about to open the door to the bus! They get there just in time and Hopper saves them! They all go back to Joyce’s house and try to figure out a way to get Will and Barb back. They need to have a very strong way to contact Will. The bathtub. They need a swimming pool, water and A LOT of salt. Thanks to Mr. Clark they find out exactly how much they need for a sensory deprivation tank. 1500 lbs of salt! The only place that has that much salt is the school. So they head there and start to set up the kiddie pool.

Joyce and Eleven go find some duct tape and goggles for the procedure. Joyce thanks Eleven for everything she has done. Eleven has risked so much for everyone. She’s a true hero!

When Eleven gets in the water, she relaxes as much as possible. She can now she what’s happening in the Upside Down. She see’s something far in the distance. When she gets close she realizes it’s Barb lying on the ground decaying. Eleven speaks through saying she’s gone. A little further she finds Will’s fort with him inside. He’s sleeping and is very sick. She tells him that he’ll be safe soon. All of a sudden, Will is taken by the Demogorgan, and she exists with fear.

Nancy and Jonathan decide to go back to the station, grab their weapons and go kill the Demogorgan.

Joyce and Hopper decide to go to Hawkin’s Lab and break in one more time.