Stranger Things in 1980’s

The Upside Down

In the last episode of Stranger Things, Hopper and Joyce enter Hawkins Lab.They decide to make a deal with Dr. Brenner. They decide to give up Eleven’s location (the school), and Brenner lets them enter the Upside Down to find Will. While Joyce and Hopper are in the Upside Down, they notice it’s much darker than normal Hawkins.

Nancy and Jonathan decide to go to his house and start setting up traps for when the Demogorgan comes. All of a sudden, Steve shows up and tries to apologize while the monster comes through the wall! Bad timing Steve. He freaks out and has no idea what’s going on. Working together, they all manage to kill one of the Demogorgan’s. Joyce and Hopper hear a scream. The monster’s scream. They find its body in the Upside Down. They think everyone’s safe now, but they’re not. After this I couldn’t believe there was more than one!

Back at the school, the kids are all alone in the cafeteria. Mike and Eleven talk about when everything is over Eleven can live with the Wheeler’s. Mike asks her to go to a dance called the Snowball, and she says yes! Right at that moment, they kiss! Aww, how sweet! I absolutely loved this scene.

When Hopper and Joyce enter the school following a trace of blood, they find Barb’s body and right above her they see Will! But he’s not okay. He has a snake-like tube in his mouth like he’s being self-fed. When they get to him Will isn’t breathing. Hopper does CPR on him, and he gasps for air. He’s alive! This gave me so much joy that he’s been alive this whole time.

Soon after, the kids see car lights outside. It’s Hawkins Lab! They are coming for Eleven! They go run in the hallways, and Dr. Brenner finds them. Eleven uses her powers and makes three officers in front of her die in a heartbeat! Eleven uses so much power she passes out with her nose and ears bleeding. All this blood triggers another Demogorgan. It comes through the wall and attacks Dr. Brenner, but he’s still alive. The kids run to a nearby room and hide. The monster finds them and walks toward them slowly. Once again, Eleven uses her powers and send the Demogorgan away to the Upside Down. But she uses too much power, and she is sent with it. Before she leaves, she says, “goodbye Mike”. This part made me tear up so much.

When Will is at the hospital, everyone is very glad to see him. The boys tell him everything that happened, including Eleven. When Hopper goes outside, there is a car waiting for him. One from Hawkins Lab; he enters it.

It’s now Christmas time everything is back to normal. At the Byer’s house, they are having diner when Will goes to wash his hands. When he’s in the bathroom, he coughs up a slug and enters/exits the Upside Down! That’s disturbing and mysterious. When he goes back to eat he doesn’t say anything! Why wouldn’t he tell his mom?

Hopper goes to the forest and puts food and Eggos in a box in the middle of nowhere?! Does this mean Eleven is still alive and only he and Hawkins Lab know it?