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Faith Hill singing. Courtesy of

Artists of the week:

1. Chris Young

2. Faith Hill

3. Taylor Swift

As we all know, every artist has a story. Chris Young always wanted to be a singer. From plays at schools to even just singing in the shower.

“I was the kid in high school who lived and breathed music every moment of every day,” said the man himself (Young).

The day when his dream came true, all his four singles he did all hit #1 on the charts of country music. The first song that I heard from him was his song “Tomorrow.” If you want to read the lyrics to it, go to this link This song has a lot of feelings to it. His words to this song will tell a story.

Faith Hill’s voice is very powerful. She can hit notes that a lot of other artists cannot. She sings with Tim McGraw, which happens to be her husband. They have three children. At times they go on tour and perform on stage. Their voices together sound amazing. They are on tour right now. She is glad that her fans support her. Faith Hill does not just care about her career, she also cares about what is going on around her. She makes time for the people she loves.

Facts about the above Artists:

  • Faith Hill went on the “America: A Tribute To Heroes,” a benefit for the rescue workers and victims of the September 11th attacks and in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, she appeared on NBC’s “A Concert for Hurricane Relief.”

  • Chris Young is a huge fan of Keith Whitley

    Faith Hill singing. Courtesy of