Drama prepares for show

The spring drama production will take place this coming weekend.  Many students have been working for weeks on the stage and behind the scenes to present Singing in the Rain.  Tickets are available in school and at the door for $5 for students and $8 for adults.

Sounds! In the drama club there are many different components that need to be fulfilled. Besides the members in the play there are the members in costumes, make up, sounds and lights, props and set design.
Gather around! When warming up for rehearsal it is essential to warm up your voice. Warming up the voice is important to help prevent voice cracks and help the actor speak louder.
And scene! The prop crew has to make many different props for each scene. The crew completed all of the props in a time span of one month.
Lamp post! When changing between the scenes prop crew has to exchange the props for different ones. There are markings on the stage to help prop crew be more efficient in changing the props.
Help me! When waiting for rehearsal to start they play improve games. While waiting the sound crew had to set up lights, sounds, and microphones.