Shamrock Shakes storm Mcdonalds


Everyone is storming into McDonald’s to get the limited time only Shamrock Shake.  Everyone is obsessed with the Saint Patrick’s Day themed drink.

It was introduced in the 1970’s.  Ever since it was introduced, it was a hit.  Everybody wants to get a Shamrock Shake since it is such a great beverage.

Recently, four  new shamrock shakes were added.  They added chocolate into the mix to change it a up a bit.

McDonald’s is a warm welcoming place that serves magical things.  The Shamrock shake is probably one of the most ordered things on the menu until after Saint Patrick’s day.

It takes a couple minutes for the green delight to be made.  The cashier hands you the drink, and you continue on with your day.

It was a very cool soothing drink, and if you have a cold it makes anyone feel a lot better. It helps with all the coughing issue.

The Shamrock Shake comes in many sizes, and it just overall a good drink.  It has a minty taste that everyone loves. It also has a kind of vanilla taste to it that balances everything out.  It is very cool, and smooth mint taste.  The prices start at $1.99 and go to $2.89.


ABC 13