Cardboard Gamer

David Rudy jr

This Week’s topic: Pandemic


In today’s world diseases are always in the news and over the years many of these have threatened civilizations or humanity itself. In Pandemic, players have to work to make sure that four diseases do not spiral out of control.

How to Play:

Unlike other board games players work together instead of competing against each other. Players cooperate to stop the spread of the disease. Each player chooses a role from nine different roles, each with their own different ability. Players take turns performing actions to help stop the spread of the diseases and to find a cure for them all.


My thoughts

Pandemic is a fantastic game. Unlike other board games, Pandemic breaks many board game conventions by changing the rules to immerse players within the game. The use of real cities within a possible situation adds a startling reality to the game. Also how the game relies on strategy more than luck, so do not expect luck to get out of sticky situations.


I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys games like Risk and Catan. Since the game has a steep learning curve, I have a hard time recommending it for family play since it takes a bit to learn. Also the reliance on strategy makes it a hard choice to have an easy time for everyone to get into the game. So for the best time possible play with friends.