Cardboard Gamer

David Rudy Jr

This Week’s Topic: Colt Express 

Time to head back to the west as this week I am tackling the board game Colt Express. Colt Express takes place on a fictional train out in the old west.

How To Play

Colt Express starts out when players draws six cards and then during the scheming phase players play action cards depending on the number of round cards. The scheming phase ends when all players have played their action cards. For the rest of the game players move around the train turn by turn robbing passengers and the train in hopes to become the richest bandit. Other players can attack each other through bullets fill into the player affected deck. These bullets act as blank cards in which players draw the card instead of an action. The player who shot the most bullets gets a $1000 bonus at the end.

My Thoughts

Colt Express is a great game to play with the family since of its easy learning cure and its short play time. The way the board is set up adds for a unique way to play. Also the game makes players feel like they are one of the bandits.

My Recommendation

I would recommend this game for a session with friends  or a family game night. The easy to learn but hard to master type game play lends to fun and frantic moments.