Musicians perform at capital building

On Monday March 20, 2017 the chamber orchestra and vocal ensemble took a trip to Harrisburg. On this trip the students performed for the workers in the building. Although Altoona did perform on Monday, there were many other schools there. This trip was set by the chamber orchestra director Kelly Detwiler. The chamber orchestra and the vocal ensemble take trips to Harrisburg every few years.  When performing at the capital building, they have performed in many different places. This year they performed in the east wing.

After the members were done performig students took a tour of the capital building and got to see various other school perform as well. Photo by Alex Daversa
Forte! The vocal ensemble preformed in the east wing of the capital in the cafeteria. The musicians were proud the represent Altoona when they were in the capital. Photo by Alex Daversa
Smile! After a long day the students were ready to go home. After the students were done performing they had the chance to tour the capital building and end the day with a picture in the Main Rotunda. Photo by Alex Daversa