Students worry about Cognitive Tutor requirements

The laptops have been update and the problem with accessing Cognitive tutor. photo credit: Photo by: DeclanTM

The laptops have been updated and created problems with accessing Cognitive Tutor.
photo credit:
Photo by: DeclanTM

Cognitive tutor is a program that most ninth graders have to use throughout the year, and they get a grade every marking period based upon what they have competed. The program works with open ended questions that will prepare ninth graders for the Keystone. Within the last marking period all of the computers and laptops have been updated to a new Java program at the school. Many families have updated their home computers too. That is causing an issue with accessing the Cognitive Tutor program.

Honestly, the program is more annoying than helpful. In order to go on to the next problem students have to have everything right, including spelling and punctuation. Teachers deduct points if the student uses too many hints. Even if they have a typing error in one of their answers the program gives them a hint even though it is the right answer. It is just really annoying and takes too much time to get through one problem. Since, the update of the Java program many students can no longer access the Cognitive Tutor program at home.

The only laptop cart that wasn’t updated was the one that is sitting in one of the ninth grade math teacher’s rooms. Now, students are limited to the time they have to work on it. Teachers set checkpoints at the end of each marking period and if the student isn’t at the checkpoint teachers deduct points. It is really hard for some students to get to check points when the only time they really have is during class and Wednesday after school.

Some teachers are more understanding than others about the computer problem. For the teachers who don’t understand, many students are stressing out because they don’t know how they are going to get the work done and get the grade. Students can come in Wednesdays after school to work on Cognitive Tutor until 3:30. The computer lab updated the computers and the program won’t work on them. So, the only day they can stay after school is Wednesday. The half hour just isn’t enough time for students to make up if they miss a few days of school and are behind. A half hour isn’t going to make up for the 40 minutes they missed in class.

Since students are no longer able to access this program other than one laptop cart the program should be canceled. It will relieve many students and their parents knowing they don’t have to stress about this program is over.

The program should be canceled and students should get a study guide dealing with the problems that might be on the Keystone. This will better prepare students for the Keystone because they can take the packet to and from school.  The technology department is trying to work with Cognitive Tutor to fix the problem but until a solution can be reached students continue to worry about the requirement.